Free Spay/Neuter: MSCVM will be in Memphis 3 days!!

Free spay and neuter comes to Memphis May 28, 29 and 30. The spay neuter program from Mississippi State Veterinary School is coming to Memphis to spay and neuter animals in the Orange Mound community and Hickory Hill area for FREE!

This is an opportunity to volunteer to help get Memphis spayed/neutered and to donate to the project. This is an ENTIRELY volunteer effort. There will be no cost to anyone, and many volunteers and supplies are needed to make this happen. The veterinary team coming from Mississippi State will need local support in providing housing, food etc for their three days and two nights here.

This project will help decrease the numbers of unwanted animals entering out shelter systems. It will benefit the people who live in these communities by being able to have their pets altered at no cost.

LOTS of Volunteers needed for 3 days!

This is a TOTAL volunteer effort. We need volunteers for lots of jobs! Once spayed and neutered the animals will recover in crates under tents with volunteers help. We will need volunteers the days of the events to help sign people in and out with their pets. We need "background" people to help with the preparations getting ready for the event days. If you are good at organizing we need you! We need someone to head up the gift bag project for bags for the pets to take home. We need someone to head up the meals for the visiting vet staff. We need someone to organize and make sure we have the appropriate crates for the day. If you are willing to help get the animals of Memphis spayed and neutered, we will put you to work!

Please call 901-215-0961 or email: if you would like to volunteer and help with this outreach project! The animals are depending on you!

Why Memphis Needs Free Spay and Neuter

Memphis is in dire need of free spay and neuter to help reduce the puppies and kittens killed every year in the local shelters. The reduction of unwanted litters born to dogs in backyards, under houses or along the roadside will be accomplished by this offering of free spay and neuter.

Many of these litters are taken to local shelters, but sadly many are left to fend for themselves with no vet care, stable home or people to care for and love them.

These pictures are of puppies born "by mistake." Their fate is not good. Please consider supporting the volunteer effort to get some of the needy dogs and cats in Memphis spayed or neutered.